Who am I?

I am a 27 years old designer from Poland. What excites me the most is connection between people and technology and how it can be improved through smart design. I use my engineer knowledge to create products that are easy to use and understand.

My free time

I prefer to spend my free time actively. I am a big fan of indoor volleyball. Both playing and watching. I generally like training so when I am not rowing like Frank Underwood I am probably sweating on CrossFit.

My online versions

You can find me in various places on the internet. Since there is no better way to get to know someone than looking at their Pinterest boards:

Time line

Things that I wrote on Medium logo
SVG Wave
HowTo: Animate SVG waves in Framer JS

In this article I will explain the simplest way to animate and control SVG waves in Framer JS. To explain the details I will use a simple interactive prototype … Read the article (4 min read)

Sudoku in Framer
Sudoku interface in Framer JS

5 weeks ago I finally decide to learn Framer JS and Coffeescript. The whole society around this tool shared some really inspiring examples that motivated me … Read the article (4 min read)

What can you get from Makeathons

Makeathons and hackathons become more and more popular nowadays. I often hear a question if this events are useful and worth spending time and energy… Read the article (9 min read)