Hi! My name is Piotr.

I am an interaction design student at Umeå Institute of Design,
after great time at frog Munich and IDEO Palo Alto, I am working on my final student projects.

Please, scroll down to see my projects.

Sound and Light Interactions

The auto-injector for young adults

Core77 Student Runner UpIXDA 2017 ShortlistedIDEA 2016 Finalist

User experience + Wire frames

Improving learnability for first time users

Assistive Technology + User Center Design

The toolkit for people afflicted by Alzheimer’s

Interaction + professional user

Mining interface for operators

Graphical User Interfaces

Freelance Projects

Things that I wrote on Medium logo
SVG Wave
HowTo: Animate SVG waves in Framer JS

In this article I will explain the simplest way to animate and control SVG waves in Framer JS. To explain the details I will use a simple interactive prototype … Read the article (4 min read)

Sudoku in Framer
Sudoku interface in Framer JS

5 weeks ago I finally decide to learn Framer JS and Coffeescript. The whole society around this tool shared some really inspiring examples that motivated me … Read the article (4 min read)

What can you get from Makeathons

Makeathons and hackathons become more and more popular nowadays. I often hear a question if this events are useful and worth spending time and energy… Read the article (9 min read)

About me

I am designer with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. For a couple of years I was working on various professional projects related to visual communication, branding and digital interfaces. During my studies in Sweden, I am trying to further improve my design skills and to make my design process more solid.

I am passionate about creating interactive objects – physical or digital. I always support my works with thorough market and user behaviour research. Read more about me… 

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